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Child Care Aware of Eastern Washington

About WSU Whitman and Asotin County Child Care Resource & Referral

WSU Child Care Resource and Referral is dedicated to the provision and development of licensed, quality, affordable early learning environments for all families in Whitman and Asotin Counties.

Mission Statement

WSU Child Care Resource & Referral is committed to the promotion of quality early learning and parent education programs in Whitman & Asotin Counties, and to the improvement of access to child care and other family services. This mission is predicated on the following set of beliefs:

  • Families deserve community support to work and maintain their family ties without undue concern regarding the care and education given to their children, whether their child is an infant or a young teenager.
  • Children deserve high quality, developmentally appropriate care inside and outside the home, from parents/guardians as well as caregivers.
  • Child care providers and other early learning professionals deliver valuable, essential services and deserve a living wage, ongoing professional training, and support for continuing in their chosen career.
  • Community agencies who work with children, families and child care providers need to work together to support families and to advocate for quality services.