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Child Care Aware of Eastern Washington

Becoming a Provider

Managing a child care business from your home can be a rewarding career. It allows you to have time at home with your own children while making a positive impact on the growth and development of all the children in your care.

There is a demonstrated need for quality licensed child care in our area. This is especially true for infants and toddlers and for families who work non-standard hours.

If this profession interests you, we have many resources to help. Explore our website and then contact us at 509-335-7625 or 

Steps to Becoming Licensed

1. Attend a Department of Early Learning Orientation. DEL is the state agency that licenses both family child care homes and child care centers in Washington.

a.  Reservations: Call 509.737.2812 to reserve your space at orientation. 
b.  Orientation Schedule
c.  Provider Handbook
d.  Child Care Center Licensing Guidebook

2. Get Ready: Gather Needed Documentation

  1. Create a parent contract that contains your policies and procedures as well as your discipline policies. CCR&R has software that can help you develop this important document.
  2. Complete the application given out at Orientation.
  3. Provide 3 character references.
  4. Submit to a Washington State criminal background check.
  5. Documentation of a negative TB test.
  6. Completion of HIV/AIDS training.
  7. Completion of pediatric first aid and CPR.
  8. Submit above documentation with resume’ and transcripts to DEL along with $24.00 license fee.

3. Get Set: Prepare Your Home

  1. Ensure that your home meets minimum licensing requirements. CCR&R can help with a home visit and consultation that will help you ready your home and your child care program.
  2. Allow DEL and the fire department to inspect your home for safety.
  3. Complete 20 hours of basic child care training within six months of becoming licensed. STARS website:

4. Go: Congratulations!

You are well on your way to enjoying an exciting new profession! Once you receive your license, you will be entitled to all the services CCR&R provides. Please see our provider pages to explore these resources.

Facility Funding

1. Child Care Micro-Loans 
There are child care micro loan funds available throughout the state. The interest rate varies from 6% to 9% depending on the lender. Most lenders have loans up to $5,000 for child care homes and up to $25,000 for child care centers.

2. The Child Care Facility Fund
This fund provides loans and grants to child care businesses to start or expand child care facilities. Loans and grants must be approved by a board comprised of child care and financial experts. For further assistance, contact:

  • Gail Gosney, Employer Liaison 
  • P.O. Box 48300 
  • Olympia, WA 98504-8300 
  • 360.725.4034, 360.586.0873 (fax) 

Subsidy Programs

1. Community Service Office 
CSOs are the local offices that provide many DSHS services. You can contact your local CSO for information on help for paying for child care, public assistance, food stamps, medical assistance, emergency needs, or how to contact other DSHS programs in your community.  A specific program that helps parents pay for child care is called Working Connections Child Care. For more information, click here.

  1. Whitman County CSO Office Information
  2. Asotin County CSO Office Information

2. USDA Food Program The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides federal funds to nonresidential child and adult care facilities to serve nutritious meals and snacks. The goal of the CACFP is to improve and maintain the health and nutritional status of children and adults in care while promoting the development of good eating habits.