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Child Care Aware of Eastern Washington

Referral Policies

  • Child Care Resource & Referral does not endorse or recommend any program or provider.
  • Child Care Resource & Referral believes that parents are best able to choose and evaluate child care for their children because they know their children's needs best.
  • Our goal is to support parents by giving them information on the available child care choices and by encouraging them to act on their own knowledge and feelings as they select child care providers.
  • CCR&R urges parents to be comparison shoppers. We cannot guarantee the quality of the providers we refer, and we urge parents to carefully interview and check references. A visit to the child care site is essential before leaving a child in the care of a provider.
  • The responsibility for selecting a provider and arranging for child care remains with the parent. The information provided is obtained from sources believed to be reliable and accurate.